Is Jesus Enough?

I have a question for you.

If nothing goes the way you planned in your life, would Jesus be enough for you?

Through honestly answering this question, we are able to identify idols in our lives.

Maybe we are finding too much of our identity in something else, whether that be our occupation, a material item, or a goal.

Is Jesus enough in your life? Or is most of your worship placed in idols? Here are five questions that indicate idols in our lives.

1. What Do You Hold Most Valuable?

What holds the most weight or importance in your life? Where do you spend most of your time? Whose approval do you seek the most? The answers to all of these questions are indicators of what you hold most valuable.

A question I’ve pondered before is this: why does God put deep desires on our heart for a career, a relationship or a dream if they are never going to happen? God’s nature is good, and His intentions aren’t bad, so there has to be a greater purpose behind our desires.

Maybe God wants to teach us something powerful. Maybe He wants us to know that through Him we find more contentment than through the fulfillment of our greatest dream. Or maybe giving God the desire leads us to grow in our obedience with God. Maybe it reveals an idol in our life. Maybe it creates more gratitude for the blessings that God has already given us. If our greatest dream never comes to pass, but through that there is growth like never before in our relationship with God, then isn’t that better?

2. What Captivates Your Thoughts?

There is a common saying that reads, what you worship is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you go to bed. It’s true— what we think about shows what we care about. On another note, what we think about the most could also reveal where we trust God the least and where we worry the most. Are the meditations of our heart pleasing to the Lord? (Psalm 19:14)

3. What Do You Place Your Identity In?

When you find that your contentment is closely wrapped up in your performance, it may be a sign that you have placed your identity in what you feel pressured to perform in. Your greatest strength may also be your greatest weakness. It is the thing that you can use to give God the most glory, but it’s also the thing that you will be most tempted to find your identity in.

4. What is Your Confidence a Source of?

Self-esteem and Christ-esteem are very different. So often, people focus on improving their self-esteem and their confidence. I feel like this is the wrong approach. There are so many areas I cannot measure up in or that I am weak in. My self-esteem will never be enough to sustain me. Christ-esteem, on the other hand, is all about being confident in who you are in Christ instead of being confident in yourself.

5. What Do You Depend On the Most?

I often wonder if difficult seasons in our lives are just a result of an idol in our life coming into the light? Or that we depended on something else more than we depended on God and it just now failed? Dependence on anything other than Jesus is undoubtedly dependence on something unstable. Jesus is constant while many things in the world are ever-changing. You never want your highs to get you too high or your lows to get you too low, however, when your identity is Christ, you are able to find solid ground.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know what you hold most valuable, look at where you spend your time. Dig deep into where you seek validation from the most. See where you’ve idolized the dream, instead of the dream giver.

In addition to time, what we think about the most also reveals what we prioritize. We tend to put our identity in many things apart from Christ.

Another indicator of where you find your identity is where your confidence is a source of.

Lastly, what you depend on apart from Christ could also be an idol.

For Reflection

What are you putting above Christ in your life?

Comment your thoughts below!